Grilling is serious business in the state of California, and the search for the perfect grill takes on the importance of an epic journey.  But if you would like to simplify your search, just stop in to our ACE hardware store and we will be happy to show you the biggest, the newest, and the best.

The first decision is whether you want to stick with the classic Weber using charcoal briquettes or go for a gas grill.  Although Weber now offers gas propane grills, some say the original cannot be improved on.  We carry a nice selection to choose from, as well as briquette chimney starters and different types of briquettes and wood chips, plus all of the utensils, baskets, temperature forks for doneness and any other accessories you need.

Then we have a wonderful selection of gas grills.  Whether you are looking for a smaller one, or a double burner fully tricked out model, we have them all.  Our experts will help you choose the right model for your needs, and make sure the BBQ Grill you pick will suit your needs. Many people grill year round, and cook outdoors more frequently than indoors.

We also carry a nice selection of BBQ sauces, marinades, and rubs.  Once you start trying them, we are sure you will end up with a nice collection.  After all, you will need ones for steak, fish, chicken and even vegetables.  What would grilled corn be without an ancho chili rub?

Whether you need a propane tank refill or a new tank, we have you covered.

Which Model of Grill is the Right One For You?

We are proud to carry Weber, Kamado Joe and Traeger Brands of Grills, and are happy to show you the wide range of models available. No matter which brand or model you chose, we are sure your neighbors will be envious. After all, outdoor grilling is serious business.

If it’s just a grill for a family of two, you might want to stick to a smaller model. Unless you entertain often and have a need for multiple items to be grilled at once.

Larger families will probably be interested in the larger models, where the grill space can accommodate hamburgers, hot dogs, steak and chicken. Don’t forget the baskets if you are going to grill shrimp, vegetables or fish.

If you purchase a new grill and don’t want to assemble it yourself, don’t worry, we can put it together for you. We can also deliver it to you if your vehicle isn’t big enough for the grill you choose

Does Your Grill Need Replacing?

This is almost an unfair question as you know you are going to want a new grill if you look at the ones available. But if you come into our store for a propane tank refill, or to buy more wood chips to smoke your steaks, at least you can just look at what is available.  And isn’t there a birthday or holiday coming up?  Grills make great presents for just about anyone.

Stop By and See What’s New in Grills

Grand Lake ACE Hardware not only carries some of the best BBQ Grills around, but our staff is trained in what makes each and every one of them special. Here you don’t need to search for knowledgeable help – we’re right here ready for your questions.  About the only thing we cannot tell you is whether you should cook steak or chicken!  We would probably advise you to pick both.

CALL NOW: (510) 652-1936. We can help.