Next to updating the lighting in your house and trying a lick of new paint, getting new hardware is the best way to freshen the look of your home with only a little money. New knobs, pulls, handles, latches and locks add just the right amount of high-quality glint to your home and make anyone think that your home is much newer than it is. Changing out the simplest hardware can be a high impact facelift for your home at a low impact price.

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Our home improvement experts will point you in the right direction

Home hardware comes in a vast range of materials, finishes and styles. Brass, glass, plastic, stainless steel and nickel worked into beautiful designs offer so many choices that you can easily make the wrong decision for your home. This is what the knowledgeable home improvement experts at Ace Hardware are here for. They can look at pictures of your home and give you ideas that work for you.

We can help you think of new ideas

It’s easy to make an old bureau perk up with new, contemporary knobs. Stylish knobs and handles can be beautiful, ornamental touches to decorative boxes and furniture around the house. Finial pulls added to the edges of counters can function as attractive towel hangers. Elaborately decorated knobs and pulls can prettify mirror frames and cupboards, and bring them up to date. Ace Hardware’s sales team can give you all the hardware ideas you need.

New hardware can work wonders for the exterior of your home

Decorative exterior hardware is jewelry for your home. If you’re interested in putting your home on the market, a few pieces of new hardware is all it takes to brighten up your doors, windows and garage doors. Beautiful new house numbers, decorative grilles, mail slots and mailboxes, doorbells, handrails and pet access doors can be perfect little touches. They help put your home in a slightly bigger league.

Update your home’s electricals

Decorative electrical switch plates are an excellent way to liven up your home. Wall plates come in a great range of styles — everything from intricately worked brushed metal to stylish, contemporary plastic. Our experts can help you find exactly the right ideas for your home from the vast range on display.

If you’re new to DIY work, start with hardware

If you aren’t sure of your DIY skills yet, hardware can be a great place to try them out. Most projects require little more than screwing and unscrewing. The results you get, though, are likely to be impressive. Hardware updates offer great returns on the time you invest in them.

If you believe that you are ready to give your home the finishing hardware that it needs, all you need to do is to pay us a visit at Ace Hardware Toco Hills. We can help you plan for your project. We are The Helpful Place.