No one looks forward to household cleaning projects, but we carry everything that you need to get the job done efficiently and well. From mops and brooms, to dusters and bathroom cleaners, we carry it all. If you need it to clean, here you will find a wonderful selection of everything you need.

We also carry bell jars and other canning supplies to prepare items from your garden or the marketplace, as well as small kitchen appliances and much more.

Have fun looking at all we offer, most of which are designed to save you both time and money.

Some of our products carried:

  • Canning supplie

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Vacuum bags

  • Mops and brooms

  • Kitchen utensils

  • Garbage bags

  • Coffee makers and small appliances

  • Curtain rods

  • Contact paper and shelf liners

  • Shower curtains and rods

Brand Name & Specialty Items:

  • Bona Floor Care Products

  • Fresh Wave, all-natural odor-neutralizing products

  • Holy Cow, chemical free cleaner

  • Granite cleaner and maintenance products

  • Easy Track Closet System

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